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Quality Assurance – Manual and Automation

Impronics ensures precision in testing, combining meticulous manual checks with cutting-edge automation. Elevate your product's reliability with our QA solutions.

Comprehensive Software Testing for Quality Assurance:

At Impronics, we deliver top-notch software testing services ensuring Quality Assurance (QA) throughout customizations, app development, and tech-support phases. Our dedicated QA engineers specialize in full-cycle software tests covering performance, usability, accessibility, and regression testing. We employ both manual and automated testing methodologies for test-driven deployment.

Selenium Web Application Testing: Impronics excels in Selenium web application testing with a certified team of experts. Our Selenium automated testing services encompass functional testing, regression testing, browser compatibility testing, and automation framework creation. Key highlights include integration with Java builds tools, customizable HTML reporting, stepwise testing monitoring through log generation, and robust regression automation across multiple platforms using Selenium WebDriver.

QTP/UFT - Intelligent Test Automation: QTP, also known as HPE UFT (Unified Functional Testing), is our go-to intelligent test automation tool. Offering functional, regression, and API test automation for web, mobile, API, Hybrid, RPA, and enterprise apps, UFT ensures comprehensive testing across all application layers. With a user-friendly graphical interface, it allows end-users to efficiently perform automation actions on web-based or desktop applications, achieving faster and more precise results than manual testing.

Key Features:

  • Seamless testing of all application layers from a single console.
  • Emulation of user actions, such as clicking on GUI elements and keyboard inputs.
  • Swift automation script execution for bug reproduction and exploratory testing.
  • Compatibility with various programming languages (Java, PHP, C#, Python) and testing frameworks (JUnit, TestNG).


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